Free To Be

She is a free bird, arms open and carelessly exposed, waiting for precious moments, experiences, untold. Her gypsy soul carries her wild spirit into the winds of natures kiss. She is like a rare bird, so vividly colored, your eyes get lost in the experience of divine freedom.

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She is a happily lost bird, wandering in the rambling walkways that lead to everywhere and often nowhere. To a castle in the woods, or a cottage by a crystal creek… it doesn’t matter, she doesn’t care, her eyes and feet take her where her heart needs to be. She is forcefully and unwillingly led by the captivating song of the silent mystery of love. Making friends with the forgotten and unknown. Gleaming a beam of joy across her face and into the hearts of all who see the beauty that makes way into such uninhibited loveliness. Like a pearl lost in the deep blue secrets of the sea, she is a bird, let her fly free.

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