Nalina Kaufman
Nalina Kaufman

Art, in many different forms, have always been my ultimate passion and escape. From a young age I was drawn towards photography, capturing whimsical images of my travels, dreams and the beautiful people in my life.

Growing up in the deep south, as the daughter of an extremely talented artist and designer, I was constantly surrounded by a sea of wonderful visuals and a never ending world of inspiration.

I am deeply influenced by eastern spirituality, dance, music, film, travel, art, decor, the ocean, the desert, the jungle, and all things magical.

As a photographer, I try to create what my heart speaks.

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4 comments on “About

  1. Hello! I absolutely love your photography. The art and passion behind it amazes me and the way you capture, flawless. I was wondering if you may do senior pictures? I would love if you were to take my senior pictures. If so, what are prices and packages?

      • Hey ! Your photography and singing is amazing. It strikes on heart and soul, each photo has its own voice which express it’s beauty. You’re a multi talented person. If I could listen you live it will be my dream come true. You are a great personality and I bow down to you.

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